About Josie

Josie Jenkins has a lifetime’s experience of quilling from growing up in a quilling mad household. Her parents Jane and Paul Jenkins are Honorary Vice Presidents of the Quilling Guild and Jane is author of the Search Press Books “Quilling Techniques and Inspirations” and “3D Quilling”.

Josie has been a member of the Quilling Guild since an early age and part of the Quilling Guild committee since 2008, her current post being the Chair for the Quilling Guild.  In 2014 she was awarded a Fellowship by the Quilling Guild.

Josie lives and works in Liverpool as a visual artist, specialising in painting and quilling.  As a quiller, Josie presents talks and demonstrations and teaches classes and workshops for beginners and advanced quillers to galleries, museums and local groups.

Josie is interested in traditional quilling techniques, but also in pushing the boundries to see what can be made using paper strips and by using original, contemporary designs.